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Real life happens everyday. Don’t face it alone. Starting Point Church is a community of real people, leading people toward a real Jesus. We offer relevant teaching that fits every age and stage of life.


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This Weeks Sermon


Starting our new series this weekend called ”OverFlow”. Remember when all the restaurants started getting us to order our meals supersized. We loved getting those extra big order of fries that were just overflowing out of the box. Of course, that is probably not the first thing you think of when hear the work Overflow. It’s usually a negative thought that comes first.

Did you know that God already used this in the Bible and it was almost always used in the positive. The problem is that most of us have a problem with overflow in our lives and don’t know what to do with it. Join us in person on our livestream this Sunday!

Looking forward to you either being with us in person at 11am or joining us on our live stream (starts a few minutes later):

Join us!
Sundays 11am