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Real life happens everyday. Don’t face it alone. Starting Point Church is a community of real people, leading people toward a real Jesus. We offer relevant teaching that fits every age and stage of life.


Hey there! Pastor William here. I want to say thanks for visiting our site. I'd love to see you THIS SUNDAY at Starting Point Church. Every Sunday at Starting Point Church there's an encouraging message, great music, and something for the kids. Have a wonderful day, and we can't wait to see you this Sunday!

Pastor William Busch

This Week's Sermon

What's Your Biggest Fear?

Does God Care About Me?
Know, How You Believe - 3 of 3

Does God Care About Me?

The most important thing you believe in life is what you believe about God. It affects every area of your life. It affects how you deal with your past. It affects how you face the future. It affects how you live today.

Unfortunately, many things can distort our view of God. Our background can distort our view of God. The media can distort our view of God. Painful experiences can distort our view of God.

Most people have an inaccurate picture of God,
and they do not know what He is like.

See why Starting Point Church is a great place to explore faith and meet some great people in the process. There will be an encouraging, biblically-based message and an excellent environment for kids of all ages!

See you soon at Starting Point Church!
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As always, at Starting Point Church, we have coffee and donuts! And an excellent environment for kids and adults of all ages!

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