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Online Sermons during COVID-19


Easter Sunday we will be online for part 2 of ”Wounded”. You will not want to miss this Sunday’s message on ”HOW TO DROP THE “F” BOMB”. Oh my, did the pastor really say that? Yes I did.

Here is what happens every time I have preached a message on forgiving others. Some immediately shut me out, or get mad at me for even suggesting that they forgive the person who hurt them. – Usually, those are the people who have been wounded by their own family members. Dad, Mom, Brother, sister, husband, wife.

There is great pain associated with being wounded by those who should love us more than anyone else in the world. It is one thing to be wounded by someone you don’t know very
well whose been talking behind your back, and a totally different thing to be wounded by a family member.

I am not making small of being hurt even by a stranger. That hurts.

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