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Love Shows Respect
What’s Luv got to do with it - 5 of 8

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What’s Luv Got to do with Respect? The Bible teaches us that love is not rude and does not demand it’s own way. Summed it is telling us to treat other people with respect or respectfully. Respect is showing two things to those around us by our actions.
No matter your background you are welcome to us Sunday at 11am, Second Street Baptist Church - 7028 2nd Street - Hitchcock

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(starts about 20 minutes after service time)

Sunday morning at 10:30 for coffee and snacks and service starts at 11am. Come join us.

If you have any questions, please give Pastor William a call and he would be glad to help you! He is also able to meet you someplace to talk as well.

Otherwise, please join us this Sunday on Facebook. NOTE that you can also see the previous Sermons on our Facebook Page for the Church.

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